CMG/Premier's headquarters is located in San Jose, CA, the capital of Silicon Valley

CMG Premier is a small, hard-working group of manufacturers' representatives based in San Jose, California, the capital of Silicon Valley. Established in 1984, we have built a deep and unmatched network of relationships with professionals in nearly all industries. We have the tools, contacts, and most importantly, the skills necessary to properly represent your brand in one of the toughest yet profitable territories on earth... Silicon Valley. Our team has a deep understanding of this unique region and the people it is made up of. With nearly thirty years of experience, we have navigated through the roughest economic waters, always bringing sales to the lines we represent. Whether your organization is a Fortune 500 company or a family business, the team of CMG Premier is always interested in starting a conversation. Working together, we can help your organization reach it's goals. Contact us today!

Control Resources:  North American Sales Rep of the year – 2002-2012

Measurement Specialties: North American Sales Rep of the year – 2005-2007
Best of San Jose: “Manufacturer Representatives” 2009, 2010

Soundcoat: Salesman of the Year - 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012