Choosing an independent rep over an internal sales team can greatly increase sales and cut costs. Learn how. 

Manufacturers' representatives are among the most motivated sales persons on Earth. They are independent entrepreneurs who don’t have or need someone telling them to get out of bed in the morning. It is definitely not a profession for the faint of heart. Their survival depends upon constantly performing well since they don’t have a steady paycheck. 

The benefits they offer to their principal are considerable. The rep literally absorbs all “cost of sales,” including operational costs such as office space rent or mortgage, payroll, unemployment benefits, workmen’s compensation, bonus plans, sick days and vacations, phones, medical insurances, travel expenses, cars, computers and supplies, stationary, lunches and the list goes on. The only cost to the manufacturer  is the commissions, which they don’t have to pay until the rep sells something.  What a deal!

Further benefits to Outsourcing Field sales are the following:

  • Predictable sales cost that go up and down with sales 
  • Lower sales costs
  • Immediate market access
  • Broader market penetration
  • More experienced sales force
  • Multifaceted, Multiskilled sales team
  • Complimentary lines
  • Wider, deeper coverage
  • Stronger local relationships
  • Reduced sales turnover
  • Training required only on product
  • Better market Intelligence
  • Vested partner in manufacturer’s success

CMG Premier has almost 30 years experience in one of the most difficult territories in the world... the Silicon Valley.  They are the ones that principals and customers turn to for results.